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Here`s what people are saying about Alison Gilchrist CD Consulting.

Susan Howarth, Chair of Revoelution Big Local Partnership: "Thank you for your help [with interviewing] on Monday. It gave me peace of mind you being there."

Charlene Annon, project manager, Little Lullaby:"Thank you once again for all your hard work with the evaluation and for a fantastic report."

Simon Lawton, Development Manager, Blackpool and the Fylde CVS:"Can I just say, thanks for the all work you've put in to get us to this stage. You've been incredibly helpful, supportive and informative. I'm sure you've put in more than your allotted hours for this project - you always seem to be available for advice. It's been vital for me to have someone calm and knowledgeable in the background ... we all value your support very much - and if you'd like me to contribute a glowing testimonial ... I'd be more than happy to do so!" 

Christine Slater, Community Development Worker:"Just wanted to thank you very much for your The Well-Connected Community book. I had read your writing on networking when I worked in the community sector in East Belfast (until 2006, from 1987) but reading this book now in this (very different) context was both re-assuring and inspiring ... but it is really good to learn more about networking theory, policy and practice issues from your much wider perspective. Very refreshing indeed!"

Kathy Robertson, Chair of Dewsbury Moor, Big Local partnership:"Thank you for your patience and support; you have moved us on to a place I hope we can work from." 

Gary Widdop (community member) "Just wanted to say tonight's workshop was one of the best meetings we've had in ages really positive."

Professor Kate Pahl, Sheffield University, Director of AHRC Imagine programme:"Thank you so much for your energetic and inspiring work in both summing up and being on our advisory board - much appreciated ... Once again, thanks for being such a supportive and positive Chair!" 


Dr Lynda Shevellar,  Lecturer in Community Development, The University of Queensland, Australia:  "I wanted to firstly write to thank you for such an enjoyable and stimulating presentation. I have long been a fan of your wonderful book on the network approach to CD, and it was terrific to finally hear you speak and put a face to the oft-cited name! I particularly enjoyed your willingness to challenge some of the sacred cows of development (like your refreshing take on empowerment). I said to a colleague upon my return, that if I had heard nothing but your session I would have come back from Glasgow feeling that the trip had been worthwhile." 

Kate Whitmarsh, development worker in a Big Local area: "Thank you for your input. You've always been available, and always given a considered and experienced response, and always been supportive. Your input has been much needed and appreciated." .


Philip Thomas, Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Bradford: "I am writing on behalf of the international and local organising committee of INTAR, Liverpool 2014, to thank you for the wonderful contribution you made to the event. Your plenary talk was greatly appreciated, and the feedback we have received for the event as a whole has been very positive. Thank you so much for helping to make the event such a great success." 

From evaluation of COMCOT community tourism project (Helsinki workshop on community engagement):"The networking meeting organized for the pilot area facilitators got very positive feedback. The network meeting was led by an external networking consultant. Her contribution to the event was highly appreciated, not in the least due to her practical approach which gave the participants room to discuss their own experiences in small groups.


Michelle Bastian, research associate, CRESC, Manchester University:"Read your paper now - absolutely brilliant - I'm impressed by how you fit so many temporal issues together in such a short space and so clearly, while managing to be so engaging as well." 

 Eleanor Jupp, Open University:"A note to say thank you so much for organising the workshop yesterday, I really enjoyed it. I don't think I've ever been to an event where there has been a sense of a dialogue between academics and non-academics, normally one or the other is normally very dominant. I've also got some ideas for making my own events much more lively!" 

Sarah Skerratt, senior researcher, Scottish Agricultural College"Just a wee scribble to say I’ve really enjoyed re-reading your book The well-connected community (2nd edition). It highlights some really critical issues and it’s great to go through them again." 


Sharon Palmer, Regional Action West Midlands:"Pauline has enjoyed working with you. From my perspective your approach and drive has been incredibly valuable" 

John Brown, Community Safety Directorate, Government Office West Midlands:"This [action plan] looks very good - and a lot of work so well done to Alison. On a quick look I think you've captured it - in a far more rational and linear way than we discussed it! Without Alison's facilitating we'd have been totally all over the place!"  

Jimmy Devlin, Chair NW Federation of Tenants Action Groups:"Thank you for the way you facilitated the Communities of Interest session last Friday. It was both fun and extremely useful."  

Rob Furbey, Sheffield Hallam University:"I still remember with gratitude you support and wisdom regarding our Rowntree report in 2004-5." 

Professor Margie Wetherell, Open University: "It is very exciting - you are so much the woman for this job." 

Tansy Miller, Regional Manager, Faiths in Action programme, Community Development Foundation: "Thank you ever so much for delivering two excellent training sessions; I thought they were both incredibly good, and also very enjoyable. All of the forums I've spoken to were full of prasie for you and the course. P said that it as the best training she's been to in years."


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